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Đorđe Žikelić


formal verification

reasoning under uncertainty

adversarial robustness quantized neural networks

bidding games

graph games

richman bidding

poorman bidding

partial information

learning-based control


reach-avoid guarantees




I am a final year PhD student at ISTA, prior to which I obtained undergraduate and master degrees in mathematics at the University of Cambridge. My research focuses on developing algorithms for formally verifying correctness of software. In particular, I combine ideas from Formal Verification, Machine Learning and Programming Languages research in order to design mathematically rigorous yet fully automated and scalable methods for providing formal guarantees about programs, systems with learned components as well as for safe learning. My research interests include formal verification, static program analysis, neural network verification, learning-based control, safe RL and game theory.


Quantization-aware Interval Bound Propagation for Training Certifiably Robust Quantized Neural Networks

Mathias Lechner and 4 other authors

Learning Control Policies for Stochastic Systems with Reach-avoid Guarantees

Đorđe Žikelić and 3 other authors

Bidding Graph Games with Partially-Observable Budgets

Guy Avni and 2 other authors