December 4th, 2023

Highlights from EMNLP 2023: Understanding the Future of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Ivana Kacunko2 minutes read
photpo Highlights from EMNLP 2023: Understanding the Future of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Step into the forefront of innovation and linguistic exploration at the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP). Hosted in the dynamic city of Singapore (December 6-10) and virtually accessed via Underline Science, EMNLP 2023 will be a convergence of visionary insights and collaborative networking. Additionally, this year's conference introduces an onsite initiative – virtual poster units, revolutionizing the traditional presentation format and creating an interactive space for researchers to showcase their work dynamically and inclusively.

Innovative presentations and workshops

Engage with the intellectual offerings at EMNLP 2023 through a variety of presentations and workshops highlighting the latest advancements in natural language processing (NLP). Covering a spectrum of topics from sentiment analysis to machine reasoning, EMNLP 2023's program offers a deep exploration of the multifaceted landscape of language technology. Moreover, each presentation and workshop will create an environment for open dialogue and the flourishing of fresh and eye-opening ideas.

Introducing EMNLP 2023's visionaries

Prepare to be captivated by the brilliance and innovation brought forth by EMNLP 2023's distinguished keynote speakers. These visionary leaders, each a luminary in their respective fields, will take you, with their respective insights and breakthroughs, into the future of natural language processing (NLP). Under the leadership of Yuji Matsumoto, General Chair of EMNLP 2023, the conference promises a seamless blend of academia and industry expertise. Matsumoto's affiliation with RIKEN AIP reflects the conference's commitment to the newest research in the intersection of artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Stellar keynote speakers

A luminary in the field, Christopher D. Manning, the inaugural Thomas M. Siebel Professor in Machine Learning, will share insights into his pioneering work in deep learning applied to NLP. Manning's contributions, from the GloVe model to self-supervised model pre-training, have shaped the landscape of NLP research.

As a Toyota Faculty Scholar and a distinguished researcher at the University of Michigan, Emily Mower Provost brings her expertise to the intersection of human-centered speech and video processing. Explore her contributions to affective computing and the design of multimodal interfaces.

Jong Park, a trailblazer in BioNLP, has led a team at KAIST in groundbreaking research, from identifying emotions in the text to detecting mental health issues from natural language. As the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Computing Science and Engineering, Park's influence extends across the realms of academia and industry.

Revolutionizing conference experience with Underline Science

In a continuation of its successful partnership, EMNLP 2023 will once again maximize the potential of the Underline Science platform for a successful online streaming. Adding a new dimension to the conference, Underline is also introducing a pioneering pilot project featuring virtual poster units. With 30 units available onsite, this initiative will transform the traditional presentation format for researchers eager to explore this field.

By using new technology, these virtual poster units will create a dynamic and interactive hybrid space, offering attendees a unique opportunity to explore scientific papers, generate fresh ideas, and actively participate in the global scientific community. This forward-thinking approach breaks down geographical constraints, fostering inclusivity and enhancing the overall conference experience.

Shaping the language landscape of tomorrow

As the conference unfolds both in-person and online, EMNLP 2023 stands as a testament to the collective dedication of researchers, scholars, and industry leaders shaping the future of natural language processing. Together, we embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, unlocking the potential of language technology to transform how we understand, communicate, and interact with the world. The wait is over - it’s finally time for a unique gathering of revolutionary discoveries and collaborative strides in the realm of EMNLP.

Ivana Kacunko— December 4th, 2023
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